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Hello everyone and welcome to Perth Wine Girl’s corner!

This site is about all my travels and adventures through photos and reviews. I hope you enjoy it to the fullest.


My name is Mary and I'm addicted to travelling. As a travel lover, I'm passionate about food, wine, culture, dancing, books, people, stories and tales… Yes, I'm a lover of many things! 

One of the advantages of being passionate about food is that I love cooking! It relaxes me to a point that I escape to a marvelous world I could hardly tell how I got there. (It's another or one of my greatest passions). When I visit these exotic places, I like to try out all kinds of foods (I could only dream of tasting at home), to differentiate and know the culture through the sensations and tingling of my palate. And the best thing is? The excitement in preparing the meals when I get home, making my dreams come true.

Have I told you I’m a self-taught cook? Well yes, I have a creative mind in the kitchen, I'm not afraid to mix flavors and for the delight of my loved ones, my inventions are successful.

I come from a multicultural family. My parents are from the Caribbean (Trinidad & Tobago and Dominica Island). I was born and raised in Venezuela and currently I live in Perth, Australia, and proud to be an Aussie.

I believe that my love for traveling and cooking comes from my Caribbean roots and Venezuelan upbringing. By having such a harmonious diversity in my life, I believe I can savor food, observe people, and listen to music with almost a childlike wonder of an unknown flavour, perceiving people going about their lives to get an idea of the community surrounding them and listening to a melody, pondering where did the inspiration come from.

In my life's journey, ever since I've learned how essential wine was to good food, I began to simplify wine and food experiences to the top notch!

I had no interest in wine before I came to Australia but after I discovered that it was part of the culture, I had to fit in and learn all about wine, so I began to studied it and that was it for me…I was hooked! 

I have taken courses after courses, I could not stop! I was fascinated about the passion behind wine. Now I can´t say 'No' to wine, to any wine strain, because each one has a story and its own particular delicate delight.

After being trained in the art of wine tasting (taking all those courses), and so far, I have been fortunate enough to visit vineyards in Spain, France, Portugal, Austria, Malta, Italy, London, Amsterdam and of course, Australia.  I fell in love with the enormous story behind wine, the passion within the process of making it and the different flavors there are from one winery to another. I had no idea what I was missing out on!

Wine is a beverage that it’s best appreciated in the company of friends and family without ruling out a by-yourself-time reading a good book and a nice glass of wine.

Come with me, enjoy each of my travels, taste the flavor of one of the most exquisite elixirs of life: Wine; meet interesting people and exotic places, and delight each of your senses following my adventures!

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